Light. Beauty. Is there really more?

So we have been really busy lately and it’s been taking all our will power to actually write posts on here. Good news, we finally decided it’s important to actually say a few things about our posts. We are also excited to report that everything has been so overwhelming to say the least.

Here are some pictures from a past shoot with model Dayna and we did this one with 2 lights. One strobe and a soft box directly above her head and another on her left with a color gel. Mind you, we had no makeup artist or stylist on set, so the shots are pretty simple, but great non the less.

We’ve recently decided to up the ante and try different shooting styles, and hopefully we learn something new as we go along. In a few weeks you should check our “Portfolio” page for updates and a showcase of our exciting new work. A portfolio is the most important selling object a photographer has and it’s important your picture choices blow your clients out of the water. Not too sure if we are going to have these particular shots of Dayna in there, but we will see.

I do think the Gel treatments give these shots a certain something…What do you think?


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