Welcome to avaloniblogs.com

So it’s been a few weeks since we updated our new site http://www.avalonistudios.com, but I still haven’t figured out how to check the new site for incoming traffic. If you have seen the new site and love it, thank you for doing so and for your continued support. If you haven’t seen it, please head on over there and enjoy amazing imagery. All that being said, WELCOME to our blog spot. This is going to be one exciting project for moi (Ada), yes,  yours truly. I am going to challenge myself and update daily on fashion happenings, creative and photography news while, Manre looks over my shoulder and corrects all my grammatical errors………so cheers to that. LOL.

The team had the pleasure of attending the FACE LIST awards, last  month and it certainly was the best experience we ever had. Not to mention we covered the event non exclusively and all because Manre thought it would be a good idea to go with the camera. I on the other hand wanted a quiet night with no snap snapping but he had the right idea and his brilliant idea, like always, turned out to be the best thing since sliced bread….one of the best things we have ever done till date.

The awards show was everything but ordinary or drab. It was an event that really impressed us. Congratulations to Isaac Osei-Babu Boateng and his team, you all did an amazing job. Manre and I can’t stop talking about it…..so kudos.

Honoree Ngoli Okafor being interviewed

Right: Lola Ogunnaike: F.A.C.E List Awards Presenter

Gollywood Actress: Nadia Buari

Bisila Bokoko: F.A.C.E List Awards Honoree

Musician Janelia

Gollywood Actress Jackie Appiah

Star Awilo Longomba

Back stage pass

Fashion show was put together by Adiree luxury brands.

Designs by Kustom Looks, Cote Minou

Photographs by Avaloni Studios. http://www.avalonistudios.com

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