Allen & Fifth Campaign

It’s 12:40 am and I am still up. Spent the better part of the night editing and decided to put this post up before going to bed. About a few months ago we did a shoot for the T-shirt brand Allen & Fifth. Allen & fifth is run and owned by Ese Aigbogun and she is based in California USA. Her Tshirt designs are fun, witty and have character and I really love and own a few of them. Check out her website to see some featured designs and also shop online. I recently found out she has a blog as well, ; where you can find updates on new designs and what she’s up to…. The shoot was done in the space of an hour and I am quite happy with the results…. Hope you all enjoy and have a happy thanks giving.

Here are a few shots from the shoot.

One response

  1. I love the 10 over 10 tee and the concept of the campaign! I’ll definitely look her up!

    November 20, 2011 at 3:04 pm

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