Away and Inspired

If you like long winding roads, endless greenery, wide lakes and real isolation, then the trip I took this Thanksgiving holiday is right up your alley. We’ve been away in Poconos (Lake Harmony) since Wednesday and sadly we made the two hour journey back to New York this morning. My partner and I both agree this was the most relaxing trip ever, and the friends we went up there with made it all the more worthwhile.  Lets not forget to mention we spent most of our time cooking together, then eating every single thing with no regrets.  We didn’t just spend time eating though, the long morning walks we took up to the lake made us feel a little better about ourselves and lets not forget our mid-section. A few friends went sky diving and we also went to a Casino in Scranton PA, which didn’t do me any good because I forgot my ID. I was a bit peeved about not being allowed in and a little more so when I was accused of being a minor. All in all it was a great time away, and now we are back to reality. Back to the noisy chaos that’s New York City and all the work we have to do. This week it’s our big project for an eye wear company and I’m currently racking my brain for creative ideas and I’m coming up with nothing!!! *screams*. Hopefully we get to put up some of the shots from the shoot when it’s all done. By the way, how was your thanks giving? 🙂

Hello from Lake Harmony, PA

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