Fashion Photography

Marina: Red Models

Some photographer friends visited our neck of the woods a few weeks ago and we had a shoot out. It was fun and a great learning experience shooting with amazing photographers Bandele Zuberi and Jide Alakija. Two extraordinary and talented photographers in their own right. The shoot went especially well due to the number of helping hands we had on set. Thanks to Dele Alakija, Tracy Uba and Ezenwanyi for doing such a great job of putting the looks together. Most especially thanks to the model Marina of Red Models for putting in so much work.








MIA, Colby Models

I did an impromptu shoot about two weeks ago with MIA from Colby Models. I had opted for contacting a designer myself and picked up some pieces from designer, house of YBA that morning. I was also fortunate  to have make up artist Aja on set, and she had agreed to test with me on such short notice. MIA did a great job and I was floored when she told me she was only 16 years of age. Her mom had driven her all the way from Philadelphia for the shoot, and they were going to drive right back the same day. Even though it was more quiet than usual at the studio, we had the best time shooting.

Model: MIA Colby Models. MUA: Beauty by Aja. Designer: House of YBA

Schizophrenic Hues

Fashion Editorial with models from RED model agency.

Wardrobe Stylist: Dejuan Hightower,  Hair Stylist: Jachelle Whiting, Make Up: Krystal Smith, Photography: Avaloni Studios

Eye Wear Connection

Eye Wear connection has finally launched their look book and the pictures look so amazing. We had the best time doing this project and finally we get to post the final shots on here. You can check out Eye Wear connection’s look book here . They do have a great eye wear collection and you can make a purchase while you are at it. 😉

We would also like to thank all the models and the amazing team we had for making everything possible.

Wardrobe Stylist: Dejuan Hightower

Make Up Artist: Jasmine Nicole

Hair Stylist: Kenza Jacks

Models: Angie Blue, Que Brandon, Steph Rai, Vincent William Cooper, Keith Thomas Dosch, Roxy Yatsevyuk, Steph Rai, Shea G.,

Shooting Eye wear

Sunday Morning we set out to the studio in Brooklyn to shoot designer eye wear for a New York based eye wear company (G classified information). There were about 7 models in total, in addition to the crew and don’t forget too many boxes of Pizza. Two thousand frames later, and the shoot was a rap. Will put the pictures up when they are all done, meanwhile you can take a look at the behind the scenes slideshow. Thanks to Manre for taking all the shots.

(Things I am excited about this week): My vogue Ipad app: Has really cool features, and I can watch videos of featured shoots in each issue. If you are about all things fashion and like fashion photography you’ll love it.

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Pictures from AFWNY campaign

We know it’s been scores since Africa Fashion Week New York, but we want to share some of the campaign pictures from the shoot we did. The show was a huge success and the images did a great job of showcasing the events. If you didn’t get a chance to see the show you can visit and view the runway images .

AFWNY takes Avaloni Studios to ELLE Magazine.

Avaloni Studios New York featured in Elle Bulgaria Magazine

On Page 11 of Elle Bulgaria, there is an editorial review on the ground breaking 2010 AFWNY show with a preview of this year’s event. The campaign, shot by Avaloni Studios, increases fashion consciousness by visiting the past, “Where Fashion Began”, and giving a glimpse into the stylish future. Models used were an inspiring mix of ethnicities reflective of designers who will be showing at AFWNY 2011.

The “Where Fashion Began” campaign featured clothes from African designer MAI, make-up by AFWNY head makeup artist Renarda Joy, hair styling by Kathy Clark Lewis, fashion styling by AFWNY executive stylist Tori Famuyiwa and art direction by Adiree.

AFWNY includes runway shows hosting 21+ designers from various countries in Africa and those of the African Diaspora, exhibitions, and industry networking events. Opening designer Korto Momolu and designers like Washington Roberts, Saint Wobil, AAMAA Couture, Bill Witherspoon and others will showcase. Sponsors include PopDrum, Mo-Saique, Ave You, and Avaloni Studios.

Avaloni Studios is proud to be a part of this huge event and we thank AFWNY and Elle Bulgaria.
We will be sharing shots from the campaign shoot in the near future.

For More Information Contact:
Adirée │Public Relations



All about David Agbodji

I was beaming from ear to ear as I walked through the mall this weekend and came across campaign ads featuring model David Agbodji. David Agbodji of Togolese origin is ranked number 7 of the top 50 male models. He is one of the faces of Calvin klein, Sean Jean, Express, and several other popular fashion brands. Imagine my excitement when I saw 2011 campaign ads for Express and Sean John with…….you guessed it, David. I was even more excited when I reminded myself we had a picture folder of David sitting pretty on our hard drive.

Avaloni Studios had the pleasure of shooting David Agbodji last year for the 3rd issue of FAB magazine and we also interviewed him. Here’s our picture of him; It was pretty cut and dry…..but we are proud of it….

Below are a few campaign ads featuring David…..

Heather Marks in Cory Couture

Canadian Victoria Secret supermodel, Heather Marks, walked the runway in Cory Couture designs during the Long-legged Festival in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on May 15 2011.

The 23-year-old Canadian model, who has worked in shows and advertisements for global brands such as Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Kenzo, Jimmy Choo, Lacoste and prominent fashion designers, received US$50,000 for her presence at the event, according to the organizer.

Avaloni Studios is so excited about this…..why?  We had the privilege of shooting Heather Marks in Cory Couture for the Long-Legged Festival Cory Couture design promo.

Press conference for the Long-legged Festival. Picture of Heather Marks, far left of Banner, shot by Avaloni Studios. (Photo source VNN/VNE )

Here are some more shots from our shoot with Heather Marks in Cory Couture and exclusive behind the scenes footage.

Fashion Designer Cory with Heather Marks

Behind The Scenes

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Shooting Aleks.

We wanted to do another shoot…..Something very different from anything we had done in 2010. So when makeup artist Maria Ortega sent me a message it was perfect timing. I loved the simplicity and creativity of her makeup, now we just needed the right model to make it work. As Avaloni Studios we are pretty new to the model agency scene so it was quite nerve racking approaching a reputable agency and being confident enough to request a model, but we did it.

MC2 model Management was kind enough to take us on and they let us shoot one of their amazing models Aleks Malkin. The next step was to find the right hair stylist and believe it or not I let Maria the MUA pick the right one and we were quite happy with her choice. Hair Stylist Jachelle Whiting did a great job and it went perfectly with the styling.

Our first look for Aleks was natural and clean and I must say it turned out better than I expected. The whole Idea for us was to have the shots perfectly lit with less drama as we could afford. I used 3 key lights believe it or not but made sure not to have the wattage too high to enable us have more options in photoshop.

The second look was a bit more dramatic……but not too dramatic. If you have noticed we like to keep things simple; trying to change that by the way. The makeup artist and hair stylist did a great job with the makeup and hair. For beauty and Fashion shoots it’s important to have the right team on set to get the best results possible.

The last look, which is my favorite, has been something I have been dying to do for some time now. Mentioned it to my partner a few times, but I doubt he will remember. Maria asked what I wanted and I explained it to her in just one phrase (dramatic smoky eye) and she understood perfectly. The Hair Stylist, Jachelle suggested we put her hair up and it brought the whole look together.

Thanks to Model Aleks Malkin of Mc2…………MUA Maria Ortega and Hair Stylist jachelle Whiting for helping us bring this all together. Hope you all are having a wonderful Presidents day and stay extraordinary.