Head Shot

MIA, Colby Models

I did an impromptu shoot about two weeks ago with MIA from Colby Models. I had opted for contacting a designer myself and picked up some pieces from designer, house of YBA that morning. I was also fortunateĀ  to have make up artist Aja on set, and she had agreed to test with me on such short notice. MIA did a great job and I was floored when she told me she was only 16 years of age. Her mom had driven her all the way from Philadelphia for the shoot, and they were going to drive right back the same day. Even though it was more quiet than usual at the studio, we had the best time shooting.

Model: MIA Colby Models. MUA: Beauty by Aja. Designer: House of YBA


Eye Wear Connection

Eye Wear connection has finally launched their look book and the pictures look so amazing. We had the best time doing this project and finally we get to post the final shots on here. You can check out Eye Wear connection’s look book here http://eyewearconnection.com/lookbook/ . They do have a great eye wear collection and you can make a purchase while you are at it. šŸ˜‰

We would also like to thank all the models and the amazing team we had for making everything possible.

Wardrobe Stylist: Dejuan Hightower

Make Up Artist: Jasmine Nicole

Hair Stylist: Kenza Jacks

Models: Angie Blue, Que Brandon, Steph Rai, Vincent William Cooper, Keith Thomas Dosch, Roxy Yatsevyuk, Steph Rai, Shea G.,

Shooting Eye wear

Sunday Morning we set out to the studio in Brooklyn to shoot designer eye wear for a New York based eye wear company (G classified information). There were about 7 models in total, in addition to the crew and don’t forget too many boxes of Pizza. Two thousand frames later, and the shoot was a rap. Will put the pictures up when they are all done, meanwhile you can take a look at the behind the scenes slideshow. Thanks to Manre for taking all the shots.

(Things I am excited about this week): My vogue Ipad app: Has really cool features, and I can watch videos of featured shoots in each issue. If you are about all things fashion and like fashion photography you’ll love it.

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Head shot of the week

I’ll start posting more work here with lighting tips etc. We’ve done so much this year and we haven’t found time to post anything up. So I have tons of stuff sitting on my hard drive and it’s absolutely killing me :p.
I’ll start with a head shot of Carol taken about 3 months ago. Carol is a medical student at Columbia University. She was a pleasure to work with and although she was uncomfortable at first, after 40 frames and cracking jokes we got great results. I enjoyed doing this particular job.



Lit with one soft box in front of her and a strobe at 45 degree angle from the right behind her. Canon 5d mk ll, 85 mm f/11