HB photo shoot/Vietnam

Amazing fun shoots come by on rare occasions and this was one of them. Vietnam’s Next Top Model, Hoang Thuy was our model for the day and we were shooting a spread for Harpers Bazaar Vietnam. Stylist Arnold Milfort had pieces from designers; LaureLuxe, Korto Momolu, Herve Leger, Victoria Beckham, Cory Couture, and Celestino Couture on set. Here are some photos from the shoot.



HVS Viewing and Live Photo Shoot

We recently co-hosted an event with House of Versatile Styles during New York Fashion week. The live viewing and photo shoot of HVS jewelry line was a success and we were fortunate enough to have amazing support. I will post up final pictures and behind the scene photos in upcoming weeks, and you’ll get a chance to see some of the pieces. Meanwhile here is some video footage of the event shot by ThaMegaBoi who we had the pleasure collaborating with.

Please check out http://www.houseofversatilestyles.com and  http://www.shotbymega.tumblr.com

Schizophrenic Hues

Fashion Editorial with models from RED model agency.

Wardrobe Stylist: Dejuan Hightower,  Hair Stylist: Jachelle Whiting, Make Up: Krystal Smith, Photography: Avaloni Studios

My purple Sunday!

Just stumbled on Chicquero’s blog. Awesome stuff.

My purple Sunday!.

Nest Seekers Ad Campaign

We would have closed out 2011, but it’s too late for that, so to kick off 2012 here are a group of shots for a real estate broker outfit (Nest Seekers) ad campaign.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we were assigned to shoot model homes for a New York real estate outfit whose marketing exec had been featured on bravo television’s Real Housewives of New York and Million Dollar listing. Despite our overnight preparations and stressing about everything, we managed to forget part of our gear and only realized that at the shoot location in New York’s Financial District.

Nest Seekers had chosen 3 different model apartments, which provided the perfect opportunity for some great shots. The model apartments were fully furnished and we had two models for added effect and selling value. Maria Ortega, the make up artist, was the perfect choice for this project and she did a great job with the varied looks for the duration of the shoot.

The dog was a great added bonus, but it simply refused to sit still or listen to it’s owner.

A lens with a wider angle would have been more effective, but the 50mm Canon lens was decent enough. All shots were taken on the 5D MK11, which is full frame, with a 50mm 1.8 lens and 2 Impact flashes.

The yoga shots are our absolute favorite, and we chose to do those on the roof top deck with both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge as the backdrop. The sun was still harsh at this point and we used one light to create the effect you see in the photographs.

Away and Inspired

If you like long winding roads, endless greenery, wide lakes and real isolation, then the trip I took this Thanksgiving holiday is right up your alley. We’ve been away in Poconos (Lake Harmony) since Wednesday and sadly we made the two hour journey back to New York this morning. My partner and I both agree this was the most relaxing trip ever, and the friends we went up there with made it all the more worthwhile.  Lets not forget to mention we spent most of our time cooking together, then eating every single thing with no regrets.  We didn’t just spend time eating though, the long morning walks we took up to the lake made us feel a little better about ourselves and lets not forget our mid-section. A few friends went sky diving and we also went to a Casino in Scranton PA, which didn’t do me any good because I forgot my ID. I was a bit peeved about not being allowed in and a little more so when I was accused of being a minor. All in all it was a great time away, and now we are back to reality. Back to the noisy chaos that’s New York City and all the work we have to do. This week it’s our big project for an eye wear company and I’m currently racking my brain for creative ideas and I’m coming up with nothing!!! *screams*. Hopefully we get to put up some of the shots from the shoot when it’s all done. By the way, how was your thanks giving? 🙂

Hello from Lake Harmony, PA

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Allen & Fifth Campaign

It’s 12:40 am and I am still up. Spent the better part of the night editing and decided to put this post up before going to bed. About a few months ago we did a shoot for the T-shirt brand Allen & Fifth. Allen & fifth is run and owned by Ese Aigbogun and she is based in California USA. Her Tshirt designs are fun, witty and have character and I really love and own a few of them. Check out her website http://www.allenandfifth.com to see some featured designs and also shop online. I recently found out she has a blog as well, http://allenandfifth.blogspot.com ; where you can find updates on new designs and what she’s up to…. The shoot was done in the space of an hour and I am quite happy with the results…. Hope you all enjoy and have a happy thanks giving.

Here are a few shots from the shoot.

All about Prajje

At such a young age Prajje Jean-Baptiste, CEO & Founder/ head Designer of Prajje 1983 has made a huge impact in the fashion industry. In just a few years, Prajje Jean-Baptiste has become one of Boston’s most promising young designers. Born in Haiti, Prajje attended North Cambridge Catholic High School and graduated in May 2009 with a degree in Fashion Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Prajje’s designs are quickly gaining recognition as the work of a hip, young, fashion designer with exquisite craftsmanship. Prajje designs have been worn by Sara Underwood, TV anchor for Fox 25 and Bianca Golden, from America’s Next Top Model, among other celebrities.

Avaloni Studios had the privilege of working with prajje on an exclusive shoot which was featured in FAB magazine (www.fabmagazineonline.com). You can pick up an issue from their online stores and find out about purchase information on their website.

Avaloni Studios together with Kelechi Akaniro shot his Payizan collection which has already created a great buzz. These classic pieces are unique and reminiscent of nature and the Earth.

Welcome to avaloniblogs.com

So it’s been a few weeks since we updated our new site http://www.avalonistudios.com, but I still haven’t figured out how to check the new site for incoming traffic. If you have seen the new site and love it, thank you for doing so and for your continued support. If you haven’t seen it, please head on over there and enjoy amazing imagery. All that being said, WELCOME to our blog spot. This is going to be one exciting project for moi (Ada), yes,  yours truly. I am going to challenge myself and update daily on fashion happenings, creative and photography news while, Manre looks over my shoulder and corrects all my grammatical errors………so cheers to that. LOL.

The team had the pleasure of attending the FACE LIST awards, last  month and it certainly was the best experience we ever had. Not to mention we covered the event non exclusively and all because Manre thought it would be a good idea to go with the camera. I on the other hand wanted a quiet night with no snap snapping but he had the right idea and his brilliant idea, like always, turned out to be the best thing since sliced bread….one of the best things we have ever done till date.

The awards show was everything but ordinary or drab. It was an event that really impressed us. Congratulations to Isaac Osei-Babu Boateng and his team, you all did an amazing job. Manre and I can’t stop talking about it…..so kudos.

Honoree Ngoli Okafor being interviewed

Right: Lola Ogunnaike: F.A.C.E List Awards Presenter

Gollywood Actress: Nadia Buari

Bisila Bokoko: F.A.C.E List Awards Honoree

Musician Janelia

Gollywood Actress Jackie Appiah

Star Awilo Longomba

Back stage pass

Fashion show was put together by Adiree luxury brands.

Designs by Kustom Looks, Cote Minou

Photographs by Avaloni Studios. http://www.avalonistudios.com

Shooting Aleks.

We wanted to do another shoot…..Something very different from anything we had done in 2010. So when makeup artist Maria Ortega sent me a message it was perfect timing. I loved the simplicity and creativity of her makeup, now we just needed the right model to make it work. As Avaloni Studios we are pretty new to the model agency scene so it was quite nerve racking approaching a reputable agency and being confident enough to request a model, but we did it.

MC2 model Management was kind enough to take us on and they let us shoot one of their amazing models Aleks Malkin. The next step was to find the right hair stylist and believe it or not I let Maria the MUA pick the right one and we were quite happy with her choice. Hair Stylist Jachelle Whiting did a great job and it went perfectly with the styling.

Our first look for Aleks was natural and clean and I must say it turned out better than I expected. The whole Idea for us was to have the shots perfectly lit with less drama as we could afford. I used 3 key lights believe it or not but made sure not to have the wattage too high to enable us have more options in photoshop.

The second look was a bit more dramatic……but not too dramatic. If you have noticed we like to keep things simple; trying to change that by the way. The makeup artist and hair stylist did a great job with the makeup and hair. For beauty and Fashion shoots it’s important to have the right team on set to get the best results possible.

The last look, which is my favorite, has been something I have been dying to do for some time now. Mentioned it to my partner a few times, but I doubt he will remember. Maria asked what I wanted and I explained it to her in just one phrase (dramatic smoky eye) and she understood perfectly. The Hair Stylist, Jachelle suggested we put her hair up and it brought the whole look together.

Thanks to Model Aleks Malkin of Mc2…………MUA Maria Ortega and Hair Stylist jachelle Whiting for helping us bring this all together. Hope you all are having a wonderful Presidents day and stay extraordinary.